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Obagi Skin Care System

Obagi Skin Care SystemThe Obagi® Medical Skin Care System is a physician prescribed group of cosmetic products that works deep down to bring skin cells back to health. Aging causes the health of the skin to fail. Once you add in years of exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors, the skin’s ability to renew itself becomes even more fragile. Obagi’s medical skin care products work at the cellular level beyond the skin’s surface, thus the reason for a prescription for some of the products. (We put a prescription in your medical chart, but we carry the product here at our facility.) This is why it provides for skin health rather than just skin care. There are several lines of the Obagi medical skin care products that we carry here at Carolina Skin and Laser.

The Nu-Derm system works through three basic functions: 1) exfoliation to recapture the skin’s smooth, moist texture; 2) the correction of the overproduction of melanin to even out skin color; and 3) the preservation of collagen and elastin to firm the skin. The result is improved circulation, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and skin with a healthy glow.

The Clenziderm M.D. system gets to the source to treat mild to moderate acne by penetrating deep enough to reach bacteria in the pores. It reduces breakouts in as little as 1 week with continued results through 12 weeks, and it helps to prevent future breakouts.

Obagi Hydrate & Hydrate Luxe long lasting facial moisturizers really hold water! With its 2-in-1 moisturizing action, Obagi Hydrate reduces water loss at the skin surface and continuously releases moisturizing ingredients to help to enhance skin smoothness, with a 51% decrease in water loss after 8 hours! Obagi Hydrate Luxe has key peptides to increase skin firmness, reduce skin fragility and help skin recover from daily environmental stressors. It also reduces the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles in mature skin!

ELASTIderm® Eye Products

ELASTIderm® Eye Products is an Obagi line that helps you gain more youthful looking skin around your eyes. These products all contain a unique bi-mineral complex and malonic acid for firmer, smoother-looking skin around the eyes. Included in this Obagi regimen is a rich eye cream, a refreshing, cool fluid gel and a targeted eye serum that contains caffeine to help minimize the appearance of under-eye puffiness.

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