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Cosmetic BOTOX® and DYSPORT®

Beautiful Woman looking away from cameraCAROLINA SKIN AND LASER is proud to offer both BOTOX® and DYSPORT® as treatment options for your aesthetic goals. Chemodenervation with a botulinum toxin (BOTOX® and Dysport®) is an effective, non-surgical treatment option for improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It works by strategically relaxing the facial muscle that result in these facial lines. Popular areas to inject include the horizontal lines and the “11s” in the forehead and the crow’s feet lines. It can also be used to provide a mild neck lift, improve the jaw line, lift the corners of the mouth, improve a “gummy smile” and reduce dimpling in the chin.

As a plastic surgeon with a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and the mimetic muscles of the face, Dr. Choe will consult with you to determine your aesthetic goals and help you make the best choice for your needs. The injections are quick, minimally invasive, and the treatment is done in the office using a very small, fine needle. There is no anesthesia required and the entire procedure takes about ten minutes. Most patients have compared the sensation of the injections to a bug bite, so discomfort is minimal and brief. Patients can resume normal activity immediately. Results from the treatment are noticeable within days and have been shown to last up to four months, after which a follow-up treatment may be received.

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