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Excessive Tearing

Dr. Choe specializes in evaluating and treating the cause of excess tearing. Normally, tears drain from the eye into the back of the nose and throat. That is why our noses run when we cry. Excess tearing occurs when there is an imbalance between the rate that tears are produced and rate that tears are drained from the eye. Special testing is necessary to determine the cause of excessive tearing. Once the cause of the tearing is determined, Dr. Choe may offer medical and/or surgical options to treat the tearing. These may include one or more of the following:

  • surgical opening of a blocked drainage system
  • surgery to repair an injured drainage system
  • removal of an inturned eyelash or foreign body in the eye
  • adding a new opening from the lacrimal sac into the nose, a procedure known as dacryocystorhinostomy (or DCR for short); this is an outpatient surgery that Dr. Choe commonly performs endoscopically (through the nose with the assistance of a tiny camera) to avoid any visible facial scars and incisions
  • use of lubricating eyedrops or ointment
  • insertion of an artificial tear duct implant
  • tightening of the eyelid to correct eyelid position.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of excessive tearing, make an appointment with Dr. Choe for an evaluation to discuss which options may be available to you.

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